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Monday, December 9, 2013

The Victoria's Secret Objectification Show

Most girls around this time of year are boiling over with excitement for the highly anticipated Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I can't tell you how many tweets and instagram pictures I've see from girls gushing over how beautiful the models are, and how excited they are to watch the show. Even after the show is over girls continue to post about the models' endless legs, flawless hair, and perfect curves. Unlike most girls, I find the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show absolutely insulting and degrading to women. Why? 
  1. The most obvious reason is that the models are strutting around in their underwear and bra on live television. Try to think of one great reason why it is okay for a woman to do that. . . Oh wait. . . there is no good reason for anyone to do that. I know this is the 21st century, but that does not give anyone an excuse to parade around in the undergarments. Lets keep it classy folks. 
  2. The show distorts the image of beauty. Before, during, and after the VS Fashion show I hear a lot of girls complain about how they wish they could be like the models they see on TV. Girls get this idea in their head that in order for guys to notice they need to dress immodestly. However, immodesty doesn't make women more appealing. In fact, dressing immodestly defiles some of the beauty God gave women. Humans are unlike any other creature on earth because God gave us a living soul, which is far more beautiful and precious than physical attractiveness. God took lots of time to make you who you are, and He didn't make any mistakes when He created you. By dressing immodestly you are not living up to the awesome creation that God made you to be. When a woman dresses modestly it protects the dignity God gave her. Oh and if someone only likes you because you are physically attractive, and can't appreciate the fact that you are a stunning creation of God inside and out, then they aren't worth your time. You deserve better. 
  3. We must help our brothers in Christ. Dressing immodestly (or half naked in the case of the Victoria's Secret Models) causes men to degrade a woman from a person to a "thing." In fact there was a study done by Princeton University that actually proved, that when a woman shows lots of skin, the part of the male brain that sees a woman as a person shuts off, and the part of the male brain that is associated with the use of objects turns on. The VS fashion show is an invitation to men all around the world to come and objectify women free of charge. When girls go crazy with the tweets, instagram pictures, and get excited for the show, they send a message to men that it is okay to use a woman for pleasure. When we endorse the VS Fashion show, or immodesty for that matter, we give men the go ahead to feed into temptation and lust over women. When lust enters the heart of an individual, it simply does not stop when the TV goes off or the magazine gets put away, the sin continues to aggressively pursue our brothers in Christ. Not only is this unfair to women, because now we're being objectified, but it is also unfair to men. As daughters of Christ we are called to help our brothers get to Heaven. By not challenging men to be better men we are failing to be our brother's keeper, and failing to be the bold women Christ challenges us to be. 
  4. The exposition of the female body unveils a mystery only meant to be unveiled by one person. I think we can all agree that the female body is the most beautiful creature on the planet. This is by no accident. In fact, women are referred to as the "crown of God's creation." God created women to be physically attractive to reflect His own image and likeness, not just because God was bored one day and needed something to do. He did not intend for women to go around and flaunt their goods, and get used up like extra change. God meant for His gorgeous daughters to preserve the mystery of their beauty, and reveal it one day in the context of marriage in order to reflect the relationship of God and humanity. God meant for his daughters to be cherished and loved by a man who respects her dignity and values her worth. By parading around in their bras and panties, the VS models are revealing a gift that should only be unwrapped by one person; their husband. 
We live in a society in which immodesty and objectivity are encouraged, but as Christians it is our duty to stand up for what's right even if we face opposition. As children of God, we don't need people to affirm our looks to make us feel secure. All we need to know to feel secure is that Christ loved each and every one of us so much that He died for us, so that one day we could be united with Him in Heaven. So this year cancel that recording and choose not to watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion. Instead, go spend some time with our Lord, and let Him tell you how beautiful you are. Let Him reassure you of your worth. Let Him cleanse your heart. Let Him love you. Challenge yourself this Advent, to see the dignity and worth in every person you encounter. . . Especially yourself! Do not neglect to acknowledge the fact that you are worthy of love.

"People were created to be loved
Things were created to be used
The reason why the world is in chaos, 
is because things are being loved 
and people are being used."



Here a link for more information about the study Princeton University did: 

Oh and here is a great video about modesty by Jason Evert:

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